Amor Planeta 2014 Press Highlights

"Honestly, this is perhaps the most beautiful album I came across this past year." El Guero Unico's Favorite Albums of 2014

"Top Ten of 2014" The Latin Alternative

"10 Best Records 2014 -  World music with a rock edge and pop intelligence." Tom Harrison/The Province

"The music of Pacifika draws you in almost immediately: The Vancouver trio's musicianship is superb, buoyed by a voice that stopped me in my tracks the first time I heard it. Pacifika's sound has been labeled as world fusion, but that label is more of a restriction than a description. The group's acoustic base and subtle electronic flourishes provided a great way to start its musical journey, but Amor Planeta raises the stakes with an electric-guitar bite that adds a crucial dimension." Felix Contreras/NPR


"I’m okay with techno-global music so long as there’s a human heart beating at the center of it. Pacifika has heart, soul and a knack for making music that’s cutting edge without cutting back on feeling genuine (or genuine feeling)." Tom Orr/World Music Central

"Pacifika have earned their place on the global stage and in all fairness their place is much deserved. Bringing modern Latin vibes and fusing with other Global sounds, Pacifika have earned a lot of respect from the avid music listener". The Global Bass Experience

"These world beaters simply take their time to hone their craft after each release to keep it fresh and on the tip. They took longer to get this one out and the extra time to check out changes and where they might be headed paid off nicely. Equally groovy, world beat, ambient and other sounds from the edge, this is a fine outing for the open eared to get turned on to new muses. A well done set from a crew that appears to be in it for the long haul keeping it fresh throughout." Midwest Record Review


"Amor Planeta, Pacifika’s fourth album, third on the tastemaker Six Degrees label, is a love letter tucked in a sonic envelope of such high definition and high fidelity it will steam up your Beats by Dre headphones. The flawless and multi-dimensional production is so gloriously spacious it becomes a full body embrace." Cal Coats/World Beat Canada


"Pacifika is clearly evolving before our eyes and ears, and “Amor Planeta” is clear evidence of that. They are not a fluke like some critics predicted back in 2008, but a group that is moving forward and surprising fans as they go along." Ernest Barteldes/Newcity Music


"Pacifika have very few fears when it comes to songwriting. They Rock, they roll, they shake their hips, they crash on a couch...they are the very definition of energy. Amor Planeta proves that whether you're from the north or the south, we share elements of common culture no matter where our border lies." The POP! Stereo